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Hair loss testimonials

Testimonials of men and women, actual or future users of Alpharegul capsules and their comments on product efficiency related to hair loss.

Virginie (was losing hair on her hairbrush)

« Friends offered me a capillary assessment because I was complaining about losing hair... They suggested me this product which is a capsule...  Supernatural product... Big results on my hairbrush... »


Stéphane (hair on the pillow)

« New user interested by the fact that Alpharegul is made of active natural plant... I wake up with regular hair loss on the pillow, it's kind of disturbing... »

Georges (hair loss worries)

« User for several years, like everyone else, I started to worry about my hair loss... My pharmacist recommended it to me. Since this time, I have only good results... Natural product based capsule... »

Jeanne (was losing volume)

« It's been a year since i'm using it. I lost a lot of hair following my first childbirth... My hairdresser saw that my hair look slimmer than before... »

Leandro (was losing his hair)

« Advised to go to a Norgil Institute. I was allergic to lotions, this is a product more natural... I feel like I have less spider web on the head, an expression for people who are bald... »

Marc (was losing his hair)

« User of this product for 3 years, simply because I was beginning to lose my hair... I thought that it was time to do something... »

Capucine (her fiancé is getting bald)

« The hair of my 32 years fiancé are going bald on temples and forehead top. Because he is very young, that is a complex, he wanted to stabilise this hair loss...  »

Babette (her son is losing his hair)

« Her grandson is anxious concerning his father hair loss. He is bald. His dad, who is about thirty, contacted a Norgil Center which proposed Alpharegul capsules... »