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The following FAQ could answer your questions.

Alpharegul FAQ for Canada and International

Why a new product to reduce the hair loss ?

Hair loss is like personality amputation for actual generations.  There is an increasing number of women and men who are concerned by this phenomenon.

An alternative answer to existing synthetic products was necessary, Alpharegul.

What does Alpharegul have that others products on the market don't ?

It's the 1st Natural Health Product approved in Canada to reduce hair loss.

What are the principale active components of Alpharegul ?

Its composition is made with natural plant active ingredients, like squash seed oil, borage oil, nettle roots extracts, zinc and vitamin B6.

What will be the effects of Alpharegul on hair loss ?

The principal active components of Alpharegul act effectively on:

Androgenetic hair loss

Alpharegul acts primarily at membrane level. Alpharegul can regulate rather than inhibit by acting on the 5-alpha reductase.

* Regulation of 5-alpha reductase and regulation the androgen receptor;
* Residual effect through regulation: its effect persists even after discontinuation of treatment (allows to take a break between treatment);
* The level of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is not suddenly collapsed, so the treatment has no adverse effect on libido.

Diffuse hair loss, alopecia areata and deficiency hair loss

Natural active components in Alpharegul contribute to:

* Regulate inflammatory responses due to the presence of free radicals.

Is Alpharegul a medicine ?

Alpharegul is a Natural Health Product and has the NPN : 80013396 (NPN : Natural Product Number). His efficiency has been scientifically proved; Alpharegul has the same action mechanism than the synthetic Propecia drug.

Does Alpharegul effects has been proved ?

Yes. A first clinical study has been carrying out in March 2003 by  Proclaim laboratories for 4 years.

In June 2004, a second clinical study, which was  double blind, has been carrying out by  Spincontrol, for 3 months.

Both studies was accomplished by two different firms which both confirmed that Alpharegul reduces hair loss.

Does Alpharegul cause side effects ?

* Alpharegul does not stimulate growth of body hair on men or women. It has no adverse effect on libido and the discontinuation of treatment does not cause a more important hair loss.
* Alpharegul generated only few gastrointestinal side effects during clinical studies.

Who developed Alpharegul ?

A french researcher, Professor Marc Schwaller, Doctor of Science,  Pharmacist and ex-research project manager at C.N.R.S. and the I.N.S.E.R.M.


Does Alpharegul is a patent subject ?

Alpharegul has been the object of an international patent.


Is there a minimum age for Alpharegul ?

Hair loss generally appears at 20 years old, so the product is not recommended below this age.


What is 5-alpha reductase ?

It is an enzyme which is directly related on the cause of hair loss. This enzyme is involved in the testosterone transformation into a highly active form (Dihydrotestosterone or DHT) .

What is Finasteride ?

It is a synthetic molecule that inhibits the 5-alpha reductase. Finasteride is an ingredient of Propecia.


Does Alpharegul contains some ?

No, but like the Finasteride, Alpharegul acts on the 5-alpha reductase, but by regulating and not by inhibiting it. With Finasteride, you have to take it for life but with Alpharegul, you can space the cures.


Does Alpharegul is effective for women?

For its anti-inflammatory proprieties, Alpharegul also acts on women hair loss, without risk of increased body hair.


At what time will I feel the effects of Alpharegul?

The beneficial effects will be felt between the 2nd and 3rd month of treatment.

I'm not a resident of Canada, can I order online at Alpharegul.ca?

Of course, you can place an order from anywhere in the world.


If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us via our following email address: