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Inventor of the hair loss capsule Alpharegul

Alpharegul capsules against hair loss has been developed by Professor and pharmacist Marc Schwaller. Born in February 11th, 1956, pharmacist Marc Schwaller suffers himself of alopecia at the age of 20. Professor Mark Schwaller is:
  • Pharmacist;
  • Former intern in Paris hospitals;
  • D.E.A of pharmacology from “Université de Paris 7”;
  • Graduated from “Institut Pasteur” in mutagenesis genetic;
  • Doctor of Science: Study of pharmacological anti-tumor alkaloids belonging to the family of the ellipticine;
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (pharmacist): Vectorization of anti-tumor by sweet natural polymers such as cyclodextrins;
  • Fellow of the A.R.C: Center of Research against Cancer, in Villejuif;
  • Researcher at the I. N.S.E.R.M;
  • Researcher at C.N.R.S;
  • Price of the French Society of Chemistry 1994;
  • Professor at Paris XI;
  • Author of over 50 international publications on natural products;
  • Guest speaker at more than 50 international conferences.