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Clinical Trial of alpharegul capsule

Double–Blind clinical trial, Alpharegul against Placebo (summary)

Terms of realization

Realised in June 2004, this clinical trial was conducted by the company Spincontrol. During three months, 63 volunteers, men and women aged between 30 to 60 were participating to double-blind experimentation. Group A consisted of 24 men and 9 women, group B of 20 men and 10 women.

Clinical trial Objective

Evaluate the effectiveness of an anti-hair loss product with reference “Alpharegul”, Group A against placebo Group B.

Results of the clinical trial on men and women

The technique of trichogram and self-evaluation helped to highlight after three months of treatment (two capsules per day):

  • An increase of hair in growth phase;
  • An anti-fall effect, reduce hair loss;
  • A hair conditioner effect;

for Alpharegul compared to a placebo.

Effects on women

Alpharegul allows a net increase of hair in anagen phase (growth phase) for women. In the three months of , the variation of hair in growth phase is:
  • On the frontal area: +36.05%
  • On the vertex area: +29.92%
  • On the occipital area: +15.57%.

Effects on men

For men, the decrease in the number of hair in anagen phase (growth phase) observed in group B (placebo) was greatly reduced in group A (alpharegul), particularly in frontal and occipital areas.

The ideal ratio of hair in anagen phase compared to hair in telogen phase must be at least 4.

After three months of treatment, this ratio rises to 3.8 for the placebo, whereas this ratio reaches a coefficient of 4.37 with Alpharegul.

Through the self-evaluation of this clinical trial, the testers agreed that:


Hairs are stronger and revitalized: 88%


Hair loss decreased: 89%

Panel of the clinical trial (Men and women)

  • Hair loss decreased: 85%
  • Stronger, revitalized: 71%
  • Reduced brittle hair: 68%
  • More volume: 43%
  • More flexibility: 40%
  • More brightness: 35%
  • Improved the tonus: 40%
  • Capsules are easy to swallow: 81%
  • Use of the product is easy: 74%

Alpharegul : Summary of Clinical Trial analysis

Nutritional analysis

  for 100 g for 2 capsules % RDI (*)
Calorific value 545 kcal/2 264 kj 9.9 kcal/41.2 kj  
Proteins 24.2 g 0.44 g  
Carbohydrates 18.4 g 0.34 g  
Lipids 41.7 g 0.76 g  
Vitamin E 550 mg 10 mg 100 %
Vitamin B6 110 mg 2 mg 100 %
Zinc 820 mg 15 mg 100 %
(*) Recommended daily intake for 2 capsules

Clinical trial: Effectiveness of Alpharegul

Terms of realization of the clinical trial

Survey conducted in March 2003 with 35 volunteer, men between 25 and 36 years. The clinical trial has been done by independent laboratories Proclaim for 4 months.

Clinial trial Objective

Evaluate the effectiveness of food supplement Alpharegul on 30 to 40 men aged of 20 to 35 years, complaining of hair loss and not taking treatment for this disorder. It is for men between 20 and 35 years old that the hair loss is the most important.


The primary outcome measure of efficacy for this clinical trial was the measure of weight of fallen hair (under the same conditions, following the protocol established):

  • for 30 days without taking the product (from day 0 to day 30),
  • for 30 days and taking Alpharegul (from day 60 to day 90),
  • for 30 days and taking Alpharegul (from day 90 to day 120).

Quantitative results of the clinical trial

After 2 months, Alpharegul reduced by almost one third hair loss per month and  reduced by 45% after 3 months.

Qualitative results of the clinical trial

For 89% of volunteers(men), hair loss was reduced after 3 months (65% at 2 months).

Moreover, after 3 months of treatment, the men volunteers found an improvement to their hair:

  • 42% more flexible,
  • 42% more volume,
  • 42% more tonus,
  • 37% more brightness.