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Effects of Alpharegul against hair loss

The principal natural active components of Alpharegul act effectively on:

Androgenetic hair loss

Alpharegul acts primarily at membrane level. Alpharegul can regulate rather than inhibit by acting on the 5-alpha reductase to fight against hair loss.
  • Regulation of 5-alpha reductase and regulation the androgen receptor;
  • Residual effect through regulation: its effect persists even after discontinuation of treatment (allows to take a break between treatment);
  • The level of DHT is not suddenly collapsed, so the treatment  against hair loss has no adverse effect on libido.

Diffuse hair loss, alopecia areata and deficiency hair loss

Natural active components in Alpharegul contribute to:
  • Regulate inflammatory responses due to the presence of free radicals;
  • A sufficient intake of vitamin B6 to prevent a possible nutritional deficiency;
  • Increase blood flow, allowing the intake of essential nutrients to the hair.